Welcome to Green Bay and Fox Valley cities premier private police agency

We are proud to offer business and residential properties with professional private security police and patrol services. Fox Valley Metro Public Safety LLC is a State of Wisconsin DSPS licensed and fully insured private police security agency. 

Fox Valley Metro Public Safety provides pro active patrol and response coverage. Our patrol service is monitored and dispatched in real time via 24/7 live CAD state of the art public safety dispatch center. The public safety dispatch center provides patrol officers with full record check availability. All squads are GPS tracked and squad patrols are documented via CAD patrol software. Which the clients have access to daily.

All patrol officers wear law enforcement grade professional body cameras to document any incidents that may occur during patrol of your property. All patrol body camera recordings are stored in backup systems.

We strive to use focused patrol and presence to stop criminal activity before it even starts. Our agency is staffed with professional uniformed public safety officers that are highly trained and thoroughly vetted. We employ the use of state of the art patrol vehicles to provide the peace of mind and protection to your property you deserve.

Fox Valley Metro Public Safety is owned and operated by a former sworn police officer with over 26 years experience in the law enforcement and contract security management field combined.  Our vision and high standards of service will provide your properties with exceptional patrol service and protection. With the ever increasing  property damage, theft and criminal activity dramatically getting out of  control. We are here to provide you with the extra peace of mind.

Fox Valley Metro Public Safety will provide professional CAD computer generated and permanently off site stored incident reports for use in any civil or criminal matters affecting your properties.  

    CEO / Chief of Public Safety 
(Certified Firearms instructor)
(Certified Concealed Carry weapons instructor)
(Certified police  (ASP)  handcuffs  and
expandable baton use of force weapons instructor)
(Certified Police and Security (F.T.O) field training officer)
(Certified (SWAT) tactical team development officer)
(Department of Homeland Security Certified Law Enforcement thermal imaging operator)
(Graduate of Officer survival school ( Police )
Police Tactical Carbine Rifle certified)
(26 years combined of Law enforcement and contract Security operations / management)
(CPR , AED and first aid certified)
(Graduate of Fox Valley Technical College Police Academy)

L. Harms